Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is PhDeX a paper writing service?

    No. PhDeX Thesis Examination Services is unlike all other student or other paper writing services. We offer expert unbiased editing of a piece of scientific work (be it a thesis or a technical paper) in terms of its suitability for acceptance for some higher degree award, or for International Journal submission and subsequent formatting for publication. We also offer services which will allow high-level scientific editing of technical papers in the life sciences so as they will conform to international, peer-review scrutiny for journal publication. This service is quite distinct from those services that offer to write essays, theses and the like on behalf of the student and which rely on just “cut and paste” of information from diverse sources.

  • Is there any plagiarism involved?

    Our core business is to provide high-level technical editing. As such we do not need to “invent” text in any way. Therefore the sourcing of additional material over and above that provided by our client, is not necessary. Unlike other businesses that “create” works on behalf of their clients, “cutting and pasting” and therefore the opportunity to plagiarize, is not an issue or a practice we are involved in.

  • Where is our business located?

    PhDeX Thesis Examination Services is located in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. It is an Australian owned business with a wide network of Australian academics and researchers whom it can call on to provide, fast, professional, and internationally recognized excellence in the life and biomedical sciences. See our Contact page for address details.

  • Why should you and your institution trust PhDeX Thesis Examination Services/ Technical Writing and Editing Services?

    We believe we are providing a unique and much needed service. We are keen to build this business with ongoing repeat business and referrals. We will provide the highest level of professional opinion and critique in accord with the formats provided, and which will be within the timeframe you specify and/or agree to. Furthermore, we will offer on-going advice as well as services so as to bring a technical/scientific report up to international standard in terms of being correctly written and formatted for publication assessment by the editorial boards of international, peer-reviewed journals.

  • What makes us a unique, professional service?

    In terms of scientific editing: Career prospects, tenure, grant support and international recognition come from scholarly publication of one's research work. Therefore, professional input, advice and editing are essential in our competitive scientific world. Technical writing and formatting of research reports into a form suitable for submission to high-profile (ie high citation index), peer-reviewed, international scientific journals, is a skill that can only be built up over time, mainly through a “trial and error” approach. Continued rejection on the grounds of improper use of English, poor editing, bad syntax or data layout, or any one of the many other things required before notification of acceptance for journal publication is given, can severely hold back the career or promotional aspirations of a researcher or research group. This is particularly the case, where publication is required for continued tenure, or the awarding of new or continuing research grant funds. PhDeX Services therefore offers high level editing of research papers which will overcome the problems associated with assembling a research paper in a correct style for journal submission. PhDeX will advise and assist with this task on a fee-for-service basis.

  • Can we edit draft technical reports and other works for scientific publication?

    Yes. PhDeX can assist and advise in the proper editing of reports so that they can be of a standard acceptable for publication in high-impact, international journals. In addition, we can advise on a standard what additional data may be needed to bring a piece of work up to a specified standard and whether the methodology, sample size, use of appropriate controls, degree of reproducibility etc. are appropriate for the target journal. PhDeX services can also assist in the presentation of scientific material for seminars, posters and oral contributions to scientific conferences.

  • How negotiable is the price for using PhDeX services

    Answer For assistance in preparation and editing for first-time journal submission or for revisions required by the journal that relate to layout, proper use of English in the scientific context, generation of appropriate data sets, referencing etc, or for other stipulated work, we will provide you with a competitive quotation within two days again based on the time we feel it would take an experienced editor and scientific writer to bring the work up to the standard required. We would commence work immediately we receive your payment and forward the completed work to you within the timeframe specified.