About Dr E J McMurchie

About Dr Edward J McMurchie

Principal and Chief Scientific Editor for PhDeX Thesis Examination Services

Dr Edward J McMurchie is the Principal and Chief Scientific Editor for PhDeX Thesis Examination Services. He has had a long career as a research scientist and project leader with Australia’s premier Research organization, the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization).

Within CSIRO (Australia) he had been research leader and/or collaborator with numerous groups within the Divisions of Food Research, Human Nutrition, Health Sciences and Nutrition and, more recently, Molecular and Health Technologies, and published widely in many areas of the life and biomedical sciences.

Research interests and expertise span many areas in the life sciences but in particular have focused on the area of cell membrane signalling processes in relation to human health and disease, and cell membrane associated protein function with emphasis on the study of the G-protein class of membrane signaling processes (G-protein coupled receptors-GPCRs) and their future application in diagnostics, drug screening and biosensor technologies.

His past work had been across many areas and disciplines including, aspects of plant physiology and biochemistry, cell membrane biophysics, dietary lipids and cardiac function, nutritional biochemistry and the use of human cheek cells in dietary, clinical and other biomedical research areas.

Dr McMurchie held adjunct/affiliate appointments at The University of Adelaide and Flinders University (Associate Professor) in South Australia being a graduate from Macquarie University(Sydney, Australia) and the University of Adelaide where he was awarded a PhD in Biochemistry. He has held several prestigious postdoctoral awards and completed postdoctoral training at the Molecular Biology Institute, University of California, Los Angeles, USA. He has been a mentor and research supervisor to over 20 post-graduate students mainly at the PhD level and for this he has been awarded the Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year by The University of Adelaide in South Australia.

He has over 120 publications in prestigious, international, peer-reviewed journals such as Nature, The American Journal of Physiology, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, has over 120 abstracts from presentations to both national and international scientific conferences, and holds several International Patents.

He has served on numerous Editorial Review Boards including The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, has been a reviewer for many international journals (and grant applications). He has held the position of Editor of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Selected Papers by Dr. E. J. McMurchie

Below are PDF copies of ten selected publications of Dr McMurchie.

Paper #1

Leifert, W.R., Bailey, K., Cooper, T., Aloia, A., Glatz, R.V. and McMurchie, E.J. (2006). Measurement of heterotrimeric G-protein and RGS interactions by a homogeneous time resolved fluorescence resonance transfer assay. Analytical Biochemistry. 355: 201-212.


Paper #2

Jahangiri, A., Leifert W.R., Kind, K.L. and McMurchie, E.J. (2006). Dietary fish oil alters cardiomyocyte Ca2+ dynamics and antioxidant status. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 40; 1592-1602.


Paper #3

Leifert, W.R., Aloia, A.L., Bucco, O., Glatz, R.V. and McMurchie, E.J. (2005). G-protein coupled receptors in drug discovery: Nano-sizing using molecular biology approaches. Journal of Biomolecular Screening. 10(8): 765-779.


Paper #4

Leifert, W.R., Jahangiri, A., Saint, D.A. and McMurchie, E.J. (2000). Effects of dietary n-3 fatty acids on contractility, Na+ and K+ currents in a rat model of arrhythmia. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 11: 382-392.


Paper #5

Leifert, W.R., McMurchie, E.J. and Saint, D.A. (1999). Inhibition of cardiac sodium currents in adult rat myocytes by n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Journal of Physiology. 520.3: 671-679.


Paper #6

Leifert, W.R., Jahangiri, A. and McMurchie, E.J., (1999). Antiarrhythmic fatty acids and antioxidants in animal and cell studies. Invited Review Article. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 10: 252-267.


Paper #7

McMurchie, E.J., Burnard, S.L., Patten, G.S., Lee, E.J., King, R.A. and Head, R.J (1994). Characterisation of Na+/H+ antiporter activity associated with human cheek epithelial cells. American Journal of Physiology 267: (Cell Physiol. 36): 84-93.


Paper #8

McMurchie, E.J. Patten, G.S., McLennan, P.L., Charnock, J.S. and Nestel, P.J. (1988). The influence of dietary lipid supplementation on cardiac beta adrenergic receptor adenylate cyclase activity in the marmoset monkey. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 937: 347 358.


Paper #9

McMurchie, E.J. (1988). Dietary lipids and the regulation of membrane fluidity and function. Invited Review Chapter in “Physiological Regulation of Membrane Fluidity”. Aloia, R.C., Curtain, C.C. and Gordon, L.M., editors. Advances in Membrane Fluidity, Volume 3, pp 189 237. Alan R. Liss Inc., New York.


Paper #10

McMurchie, E.J. Margetts, B.M., Beilin, L.J., Croft, K., Vandongen, R. and Armstrong, B.K. (1984). Dietary induced changes in the fatty acid composition of human cheek cell phospholipids: Correlation with changes in the dietary polyunsaturated/saturated fat ratio. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 39: 975 980.