Components of a “standard thesis”


Components of a "standard thesis"

As a guide only, a typical (what we have termed “Standard Thesis”) in the life and biomedical sciences at an Australian University would consist of:

  • Introduction (~8000 to 12000 words)
  • Methods chapter (alternatively, methods can be inserted into each result chapter, if appropriate)
  • Result chapters (a variable number; usually a minimum of 2 and up to 6)
  • Concluding chapter
  • Appendices (if required and leads to an improved thesis layout)
  • References (again variable, but sufficient to cover the area; average 200-300)
  • Tables (10 up to 40 or more)
  • Figures (10 up to 40 or more)

Theses are usually written double-spaced with between 280-350 words per full A-4 text page (depending on the font used). As a guide, the total number of words in the text component could vary between 60,000 to 80,000.

“Standard Thesis” within the above specifications, will be edited within 21 days, unless the complexity and the length on receipt of the thesis for quotation purposes, is deemed by PhDeX to be well outside the abovementioned ranges.

Non-standard thesis
PhDeX Thesis Examination Services will be pleased to provide a competitive quotation if the thesis exceeds the abovementioned ranges.

Please note – PhDeX will not proceed with an order for thesis editing until you have accepted our quotation even for a standard thesis.