Technical Writing Editing And Reviewing


Expert Reviewing and/or Editing of Technical Papers

Technical Writing Editing And Reviewing

PhDeX will be pleased to provide a competitive quote for direct editing services as we also offer the reviewing of technical papers prior to submission for consideration for publication in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as rewriting and full editing in line with requirements dictated by international journals and their editorial reviewers and review boards following initial journal submission. We specialise in technical writing editing and reviewing.

We will also assist in the preparation of manuscripts for first-time submission to international scientific journals and ensure the scientific content is correct in its presentation and proper use of English, sentence construction, syntax and referencing format is adhered to. (Please note we do not offer translation services). We will prepare manuscripts from your draft technical writings or even transformation of parts of a PhD thesis into the format appropriate for submission to an international, peer-reviewed journal.

Quotations for these services by PhDeX will be based on the length, complexity, and our judgement of the time it will take our experienced, accredited scientific writers to properly format the information which you forward for quotation.

We will provide a full quotation within 2 days and will give you a firm turnaround time for providing the completed work. You will appreciate that we cannot give a standard price for this service owing to the highly variable nature of the requests we receive.

Contact us to organise a free, no obligation quote.

Technical Writing Editing And Reviewing

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